Intro paragraph about Box WebDAV integrations. Many users across all industries look to WebDAV for an open-source protocol for file versioning and management. WebDAV drives the popular calendar protocol CalDAV, so it is used in more places than most common users expect.

Integrating WebDAV with Box is a touchy subject this year – announced they they will no longer “support” webDAV issues. You may not get the support, but we have WebDAV Gateway service that will automatically connect you and your WebDAV devices to

Here’s some general information on WebDAV-Box connectivity and some notes you should consider.

Box WebDAV – A Changing Landscape


Do WebDAV connections Work?

Currently and the past, connecting to the WebDAV URL has worked.

What is the Box WebDAV URL?

The Box WebDAV url for the server is

Is WebDAV Box – supported?

In short, you can NOT connect to Box via the box webdav url after October, 2019. This is according to the post on Box’s community listing titled “WebDAV with Box”. You can see a screenshot of the post below. This has caused some outcry in the box community. This is similar to Dropbox’s lack of WebDAV support

webdav box not supported WebDAV Deprecation and Community Outcry

In April of 2018 box announced that they would end support of WebDAV in Jan of 2019. Here’w what some of the community had to say:

Webdav is the only way we have to scan documents from our copiers directly to Box.  This is going to be a HUGE problem for us.

We use WebDAV to scan documents from Canon MFPs (about 100 machines in multiple offices and warehouses) to Box. It will be a huge problem since the machines only support WebDAV. Please work with MFP manufacturer to solve the problem or provide alternative solution.

It’s really distressing how little Box cares about Linux users. I’m going to be doing everything in my power to convince our IT department to look for a different cloud storage provider.

Like others, we have a number of MFPs that use WebDAV for Box. We have a heterogeneous environment of MFPs and the Canon solutions may work for Canon but not for our Minolta BizHUBs or HP devices and many others. We also have several people who use iOS apps that don’t have “native” Box integrations.

Those that do have native Box integrations are great but, again, we have a heterogeneous environment where people have created workflows around WebDAV. If it’s going to be deprecated, beef up external, direct file transfer (eg, not Box Sync or Box drive) so we can get content in and out with our custom tools and scripts. Like others have mentioned, FTP and FTPS can seem flaky too.

We just signed a contract with Box and are in the initial stages of the deployment right now.  Our linux users tested the various method of access (ftp, etc) and the only one that worked acceptably with reasonable speed was WebDAV.

Now, right after signing the contract we’re told that the minimal support for Linux users is being further diminished. This isn’t acceptable when there is nothing that reasonably replaces this functionality.

We have built a solution to help businesses migrate their embedded Box connections away from the deprecated version. Businesses can use our WebDAV gateway service to upload files from their webDAV enabled devices to Box via our Servers and Box application.

Is CalDAV supported by

According to’s WebDAV community support forums, the official answer is “No”. CalDAV Box integrations are not supported natively by

How to Connect WebDAV to Box Manually

The way to connect to WebDAV from a Box account is being deprecated. That means the Box WebDAV URL may not be available.’s community support suggest using a 3rd party client to map a drive to OSX.

3 Steps to connect WebDAV

  1.  Login to your Box Account with your normal credentials and login
  2. Connect your WebDAV Client to the WebDAV Box Url:
  3. Note: Box does not provide web browser access. You will need to use a 3rd Party Client.
box webdav client connection

Easily connect webdav to Box API

5 Known Issues Connecting WebDAV to

The following issues are commonly known and also listed in the Box community forums for Web DAV. Please review these before you decide to implement a DAV solution with your account.

  1. Aliases do not work with Box logins through WebDAV. This includes secondary aliases. Box WebDAV connections only support primary addresses
  2. If you get the WebDAV Box error “Location is Not Available” upon connecting to your client, your account may need a CAPTCHA re-authentication.
  3. If your error logs for Box WebDAV connection shows “Access is Denied”, then the CAPTCHA issue in the previous listing will also be the culprit in most cases.
  4. Opening of file types associated with Office and Adobe may cause login prompt issues:
    • .doc
    • .docx
    • .xlxs
    • .pptx
    • .pdf

    This is a known issue where the login screen or prompt will continually open if the program you’re using is not currently open when downloading a file from a mapped box drive via WebDAV. The password is saved, so clicking OK should open the file. If the programs are left open, this annoying prompt will not be displayed when opening more files with the extension.

  5. SSO (Single Sign On) is not supported by WebDAV. To enable SSO, you can use the “Create External Password” option in Box for WebDAV logins. Do this by going to Account Settings> Account> Create External Password
  6. WebDAV Box uploads are a 2 stage process. Placeholder / temporary files are uploaded before the final contents are transferred. This may cause your logs to show two versions in your reporting platform.

How to Troubleshoot WebDAV Connections

There are a few simple steps you need to take in order to understand what is going on with your connections.

If you’re opening an MS Word or Excel file that is crashing try these 5 steps:

  1. Control Panel -> Programs
  2. Click “View installed Applications”
  3. Search for “Update for Office 2010” (KB3055034)
  4. Right click and UNINSTALL the update
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for for KB3054886

Note: You cannot upload large files when the upload takes longer than 30 minutes using the web client in Windows 7

Note: Web Browser access is not supported. Use a WebDAV Client

How Big of Files Can I Download with Box and WebDAV?

50MB is the file size limit that has implemented for WebDAV file uploads.

If you see Box WebDAV error “0x800700DF”: This means that you have attempted to upload a file that is over the size limit implemented by

How to Connect A Device Even Though Box is Dropping Support

At, we provide WebDAV connectivity services. This allows you to

You simply log in to our interface with credentials of your choice. After you register/login, you connect your Account . This will allow our gateway server to upload files to your Box account via API calls. With your credentials, you will will be able to upload files from any WebDAV client to our WebDAV servers, which will then automatically upload the files to your Box account via API. The temporary files are then instantly deleted from our servers, so there is not ongoing storage to manage. Box takes care of the storage, we facilitate the file transfer.

This immunizes your organization from Box’s upcoming deprecation issues.  Our WebDAV server’s API connection will always work even if Box doesn’t officially have a WebDAV url. Your registration credentials will give you access to our WebDAV Box integration. Use this from any WebDAV Client

If you are a manager of an organization’s cloud infrastructure or devices, you can easily set up sub-users or devices on our platform. Please reach out to us and we can discuss enterprise packages.

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