How Are WebDav and DropBox Related

WebDav is a file transfer protocol like FTP or SFTP, but has gained particularly popularity in the Linux community. The big question many have is: Does DropBox Support WebDAV ? WebDav is just a transfer protocol, while DropBox is the cloud server on which you can store files. WebDav is one of the ways you can send and retrieve files to your DropBox account directly.

DropBox Does Not Support WebDav

DropBox does not formally support WebDav. Don’t believe us? Well, here’s what they’re saying:

WebDAV, email attachments, and FTP access is not on the current feature roadmap, and likely won’t be for the foreseeable future.


As of Spring 2019, we have linked the following post which showcases DropBox’s lack of support for WebDav or FTP

Does dropbox support WebDav

DropBox WebDav support answer

Does DropBox Support WebDAV?

Since WebDav connections are not formally supported by a  DropBox server, you have a few options to connect your WebDav-enabled apps to DropBox.

You could spend countless hours of development time and headaches working through the WebDav official spec and write your own fully-compliant WebDav server. After that you’d need to create a DropBox application in their developer. Then you’d probably spend another set of countless hours connecting, testing, and securing your connections from your custom WebDav server to DropBox.

If DropBox updates their API at some point, you’ll need to upgrade your integration as well. So, make sure to subscribe to DropBox’s Twitter, Blog, and Development newsletter to ensure the changes don’t sneak up on you while you’re busy running your business- when those changes DO happen (and yes, they always eventually do), you’re going to want to have a brand new integration ready, tested, and secured.


Alternatively, Use a Cost-Effective WebDav DropBox Service

Just connect to DropDav. We’ve done all the heavy lifting of building out a spec-compliant WebDav DropBox integration that has pushed hundreds of thousands of gigs of data and documents from our customer’s applications through WebDav to DropBox, all without requiring more than a one-time setup.

We keep up with all of the updates to both the WebDav specifications and the DropBox API changes. So, for a fractional cost of your daily operations you can have a DropBox WebDav  or WebDAV Box connection implementation set up in minutes.

We’ve even got a free trial for you. Try it out to see how easy it is. So you’ve got an answer to your question “Does dropBox support webDAV?” and the answer is NO. However, we’ve got a solution for you.

For many users looking to spin up their own webDAV server to truly create private cloud infrastructure in their organization, we suggest you take a look at webDAV tutorials at our sister site,