DropDAV doesn’t replace Dropbox or Box.com, or duplicate any of its functionality. You’re paying to add WebDAV access to your Dropbox or Box.com. The cost of DropDAV is in addition to the price your pay Dropbox or Box.com for their lovely service.

It seamlessly translates communication between your WebDAV client, over the WebDAV standard, and Dropbox, via the powerful Dropbox or Box.com API. Note: Dropbox imposes a file upload limit of 150 MB. Bigger files must be uploaded using the Dropbox Application.

DropDAV requires WebDAV requests be made over a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). This means your login information, Dropbox contents, and files are encrypted with the same standard of security as an online banking website.

As former Windows users, we know how it feels to be bewildered by misbehaving software. With the help of hundreds of our users who’ve been kind enough to report bugs, we think we’ve ironed out 99% of the glitches. If you find something out of order, please email or tweet us and we’ll help you out as soon as we can (often in less than 4 hours).

Sign up now and get a free 14-day trial to test DropDAV with your favorite WebDAV clients. There’s no better way to keep your iWork files in sync between your iPad, the web and your Mac. It works great with Symbian, Windows and Android WebDAV clients, too.

DropDAV saves your files on our server long enough to upload them to Dropbox, or for your client to download them. For the few minutes they reside on our server, they are stored securely until they’re deleted automatically.

We use Dropbox for everything. Now, it seems like everything uses WebDAV for file transfers. We knew they could be united, so we created DropDAV. We’re focused on doing one thing really well, so DropDAV only does WebDAV.

DropDAV conforms to Class 1 and 2 of the WebDAV RFC 4918 specification, and passes the litmus test to the extent possible with the Dropbox API. We appreciate bug reports sent to [email protected], and are happy to customize DropDAV’s behavior to work with our customers’ idiosyncratic WebDAV clients.

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