iBank Setup Guide

Written by DropDAV user, Siew-Wei.
1. In Dropbox, create a folder for your iBank sync file. You need to create separate folders if you are syncing more than 1 device.

2. If you were using another method previously for syncing: from your iPad App, sync your bank financial book one last time to your previous provider. Do the same for your iPhone(if you were syncing to cloud safe). From iBank Desktop App, sync devices.

3. From your iPad, create a new Financial book, name it, select “continue”. Select “sync with iBank for Mac”. It is possible to delete sync settings from an existing financial book and re-setup but I think creating a new one is probably safer!

4. From the iBank desktop App, scroll down in the left hand side menu to “Manage” (this is below “Reports” & “Budgets”. Tap “Show” on the right hand side of “Manage” and select “Sync Settings”. Select “Set up new device”.

5. You should see your device. Click “Continue” and enter the 4 digit code from your iPad and make sure you select “WebDav”!

7. The settings to enter are: Server Name: dav.dropdav.com/yourfoldername/<- what you created in dropbox. Username: DropDAV Email or Username. Password: DropDAV password.

8. Select “done”

The sync will start! Repeat for your other devices if needed using the separate folders created. Delete your old files from your previous provider, if necessary.

Note: The syncing of information across all devices only happens when you “sync devices” on the Desktop app.

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