How to Connect Omnifocus to WebDav Setup Guide

How to Send Files from Omnifocus to WebDav Server

You can send your files in omnifocus to your own on-premises WebDav server or even use a WebDav gateway like DropDav to upload your Omnifocus files directly to DropBox or Box without having to log in or worry about API integrations. In this handy visual tutorial, we are going to show you how Omnifocus allows you to set up a WebDav connection inside the mobile application and get on the happy path toward a streamlined workflow in Omnifocus.


1. Tap settings gear in the bottom righthand corner of the main screen.


2. Tap the ‘Sync Method’ field
3. Tap ‘Custom (WebDAV)’


4. Tap the Address field, and enter “” followed by the path to the folder you want to store the OmniFocus database. Don’t forget a trailing slash on the end!

5. When you’re done, tap ‘Sync’ in the upper righthand corner.

6. Enter your DropDAV email address and password

7. Tap ‘OK’. You’re all set!

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