Terms of Service

We take your privacy extremely seriously.

There’s not a lot to say here, so we’ll keep this short.

These terms supplement the terms of use applied to all DropDAV products, available at https://dropdav.com/privacy-policy. If you have any questions or concerns about these terms, please contact us at [email protected].

Your Dropbox and your files are yours.

We will never access your Dropbox without your explicit written permission, and then only do so in extreme troubleshooting cases with your guidance. All files you transmit to or receive from the WebDAV server located at https://dav.dropdav.com are your exclusive property. We make no claims to their ownership. At any time you may revoke DropDAV’s access to your Dropbox by visiting your Dropbox account page. You can also completely remove your information from the DropDAV database by deleting your account via the DropDAV account management page.

We’re taken every precaution to maintain data confidentiality.

Your login credentials are stored via a one-way cryptographic hash that is known to be highly inscrutable. Files transmitted to or from Dropbox via DropDAV are stored on the DropDAV server only until the transfer is completed. During that brief time, they’re only identifiable by a random string that is known only to the code facilitating the transfer. DropDAV requires the use of SSL to prevent accidental dissemination of your Dropbox credentials and data in transit.

DropDAV operates at the whim of Dropbox.

DropDAV relies on the Dropbox API. Use of DropDAV is contingent upon your adherence to Dropbox’s Terms of Service.

Payments & Refunds

We’re happy to issue refunds for automatic renewals for the most recent month. Refunds are not available for pre-paid purchases and/or discounted purchases. To request a refund, please e-mail [email protected] and include your registered e-mail address. Refunds will be processed within five business days, and will be pro-rated from when the request e-mail is received.

Questions & Support

Please contact us by email at [email protected] with any questions or support inquires. You can expect a reply in about one business day.

Last updated: April 15, 2019.


Here’s what our happy WebDav’ers had to say about our services:

Really, the one use of DropDav for me is to allow me to use cloud based services and streamlined access to my web server. I would have to say that it never cause me any problems nor required me to access the service directly. It works in the background and I could not ask for better.

Pierre LeBlanc, Academia
This is one of those magic tools that sits in the background and I forget how easy it makes life!
Chris Hall, Cricket World
I am kinda both business and personal, my primary use is as an artist (photography and sound art), my paying gig is as an academic and it comes in handy there too. I, of course use it for personal files too. Heck, pretty much my whole digital life uses this tool, in one way or anothe
DropDAV is a useful recent service that bridges this gap. If you have a Dropbox account, DropDAV gives you a WebDAV wrapper for it, which allows the iWork apps, Omnifocus, and a few other apps to read and write files in Dropbox
This is a great tool for exporting those annoying iWork for iPad documents back to your Dropbox folder.
Ben Brooks, Brooks Review
Sure, you can use iTunes to add files, but what about working directly from an application?  This is where DropDAV comes into play.  DropDAV effectively lets your application talk directly to DropBox.  Many productivity applications such as Pages, Keynote, etc have webDAV capability
Kim Flintoff, Weekly iPad
We obviously love Dropbox, so more ways to gain access to our Dropboxes is a wonderful thing. DropDAV makes your Dropbox accessible via WebDAV so you do just that.
Because DropDAV simply gives Dropbox the capability of becoming a WeDAV server, you’re not really “syncing” documents when you use Pages or Number for iPad –rather, as these apps already use WebDAV, you’re given the option to at least save to Dropbox. That’s something.
Federico Vittici, Macstories.net
..apps like Pages, Numbers, and Keynote all support opening and saving files via WebDAV, but not via Dropbox. Folks could thus use DropDAV to recreate some of the Dropbox experience in those apps…
Lex Friedman, Macworld.com
Personally, I’ve been waiting for this capability since iWork for iPad came out, and now it’s possible. Chances are very good that Apple will never add native support for Dropbox to iWork for iPad — after all, they didn’t invent Dropbox — so DropDAV will continue to be a super way to shuttle between Dropbox and your iPad
Steven Sande, Engadget
If you aren’t fortunate enough to have one [a WebDav] readily available to you, but you have a Dropbox account, we have a solution for you! We are going to show you how to turn your Dropbox account into a WebDAV…
Jason Cipriani, cnet

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